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Welcome to Raphael Exotic Blog

In this blog, you will find all you need to know about male exotic dancing and how reputable agencies work in Canada. If you are thinking of hiring a male exotic performer or commonly called "stripper" this is the place to start.

Most importantly, through this site, you will soon find background information, personal diaries and part of Raphael's autobiographic work. Raphael has been the finest and most requested male performance artist of all times. His professional career as a Chemical Engineer with a Masters degree in Toxicology makes his auto biographic work one of a kind. Raphael has always maintained a very low profile from the media and kept his personal life private. In 2016, Raphael will go public for the first time and publish all those backstage stories that fans have been requesting for years.

If you want to know what it is like to be the top male exotic dancer in Canada, dress in a fine suit during the day and a thong at night, you need to read his book.

Some Tips for your party

Vancouver male strippers and exotic entertainers are available to perform and entertain almost anywhere. The most common places they perform are female stagettes, bachelorettes, hotel stags, birthday parties, night clubs, restaurants, limousines, party busses, offices, private events or parties. Male Dancers are booked for one hour, which includes a 3-4 song performance and 10 to 15 minutes pre-show set up.

You do not want to be scammed or disappointed with a sub standard stripper that is more of a turn off than a turn on. There are ONLY a FEW reputable sources of male exotic dancers.

Most male stripper agencies, charge you a commission on top of the dancers' rates. Hiring male strippers directly from the source, you warranty nobody will charge you a commission on top of the artist's services.

Our recommended male dancers featured in our list are simply the best looking guys you can find and the best in what they do.